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All maths is play to a mathematician. Let’s bring this playful attitude to exploring maths, with our friends and peers by our side

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Exploring maths with friends and peers

Growing playful attitudes to maths

Building Communities of Maths Learners

Joining our Online Club

A group of 6 - 8 friends or peers meet up once a week (or more) to explore a maths challenge together online. The process is as follows:

  • Join one of our existing clubs or we'll help you and friends start your own one
  • Select a date and time
  • Sign up for a free trial, if it works out, pay for 5 or 6 week blocks (£8/child/week)
  • Receive videos and pdfs for your session
  • Get your meeting and whiteboard links
  • You're ready to start!

Meet Friends

You might not think that meeting to do maths can offer much of a fulfilling social opportunity. At Maths Explorers, we know it absolutely can – when we create a ‘club’ atmosphere! We’ve run our clubs with children and adults in this social way for years now, making an activity-based social meet-up the anchor point upon which maths skills & understanding has been built.

The social dynamic of our clubs naturally has to adapt and change when we’re online, however, we see the potentials for exploring maths together online as not necessarily worse or better than in-person meet-ups, only different.

Play as a Way of Thinking

Poetic licence allows the artist in us to break the rules of language so as to say or discover something new.

The mathematician in us can play with mathematical techniques and ideas in just this way too.

Every one of us has a mathematician inside of us, just as we have an artist, a writer, a scientist…. every one of us can become an even better mathematcian.

Our clubs encourage students to relax, play around and tinker with maths ideas, building curiosity and subject knowledge along the way.

Building our Community of Mathematicians together

Thanks to the heartfelt support we have received from our local south London community, families and charities & from mathematicians and maths educators wider afield, we have been able to grow and share our maths ethos with a much wider network of families. This support has also propelled our efforts in widening access and participation to enriching maths experiences for some of our most vulnerable and marginalised community residents, forging relationships and trust upon which we hope even greater things can happen one day. We look forward to developing new possibilities which can continue to inspire, connect and build our next generation of mathematical thinkers and learners. Thank you for taking a look at our page!


Practice makes Permanent


Practice is really important. To prepare for when we will want to wear our mathematician’s hat well, we need to practise playing with maths patterns, learning how to spot them and manoeuvre them better and better.

In our clubs, we’ll learn how to play as well as practise maths together. We hope that what may begin as two distinct approaches to maths in our students’ minds, will eventually converge as one and the same thing, drawing out deeper enjoyment and success with their future maths journeys.

More than clubs?
1-to-1 for depth or coaching

Students have all sorts of needs.  Perhaps they need an opportunity to have their confidence reinforced so that they are ready to take risks in maths.

Or maybe they need even more stimulation.  They might need to be able to explore maths with someone that can guide them to more interesting aspects of maths for where they are right now.

In either case, it might be that some one-to-one sessions could fit the bill. This would be a different service to the clubs that we offer. Email or call us to find out what different packages we offer for tutoring individuals or small groups.

Success with maths

What to do next?

If you want to join one of our existing clubs – click the button below to fill out the expression of interest form and we’ll get back to you.

Age Groups

Children usually join clubs with roughly similar age bands, for example 7-9 (year 3/4) or 9-11 (year 5/6), but decisions on age groupings tend to be more to do with children’s prior interest and maths experience, rather than strictly by age or year groups.


The cost per session is £8, pre-paid in 5 or 6 week blocks.  This is based on a group of 6 – 8 children.

If your children go to school and if schools reopen during one of your pre-paid blocks, and you can’t or don’t wish to continue at another afterschool club time, we will refund any amount outstanding


Club (and 1 to 1/Small Group) Times

We run clubs Monday to Wednesday between 9:45 and 5:00. please just contact us for available time slots. 

Contact Us


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