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All maths is play to a mathematician. We bring this playful attitude to exploring challenging maths together with our friends and peers

Maths Explorers Online


Ages 5yrs-14yrs+

Explore challenging maths with friends and peers

Grow playful attitudes to maths

Create happy maths memories

Joining our Online Maths Club

A group of up to 10-15 young people meet up once a week (or more) to explore our creative maths enrichment challenges together online. The process is as follows:

Meet & Make Friends

You might think that meeting up to do maths can’t offer much of a fulfilling social opportunity. At Maths Explorers, we know it absolutely can – when we invest in helping the social  atmosphere thrive, like it can do at a club!

We’ve run our clubs with children and adults in this social way for years now, making an activity-based maths meet-up the anchor upon which social learning around the practice of maths skills & understanding can grow.


Play as a Way of Thinking

Poetic licence allows the artist in us to break the rules of language so as to say or discover something new.

The mathematician in us can play with mathematical techniques and ideas in just this way too.

Every one of us has a mathematician inside of us, just as we have an artist, a writer, a scientist…. every one of us can become an even better mathematician.

Join our clubs for a chance to relax, play around and tinker with maths ideas, building curiosity and subject knowledge along the way.

Discovery & Happy Maths Memories

Experiencing wonder and beauty in maths can open doors to building happy maths memories and meaningful maths experiences – deepening our sense of connection and belonging to maths ideas  

Children at our clubs can immerse themselves in a challenging yet relaxed maths enrichment atmosphere where the process of problem-solving itself – enquiring, noticing, thinking and sharing mathematically, are more valuable than just the pursuit of ‘correct’ answers.

Hope to see you soon at one of our clubs! 

maths Explorers

Practice makes Permanent

Practice is really important. Many times in life, we’ll want to wear our mathematician’s hat really well.  To do this, practising how to play with maths patterns, learning how to spot them and manoeuvre them better and better is key – and it’s a lifelong skill we can invest in.

In our clubs, we learn how to play as well as practise maths together. We hope that what may begin as two distinct approaches to maths in our students’ minds, will eventually converge as one and the same thing, drawing out deeper enjoyment and success with their future maths journeys.

What our parents say:

"We’re having some great conversations about how before Maths Explorers we thought maths was just about numbers. Now we’ve realised maths is everywhere... Wish I knew that when I was at school! It’s been a game changer for me that’s for sure!"
Explorers in Primary School years
"I think your lesson ideas and enthusiasm are excellent. I also love the relaxed pace and way you ensure the children know their answers are always valid (even when they might be a little off track)"
Year 2 Explorer
"...your management of the group is so carefully and sensitively done while encouraging and stretching each individual. As I have said before my children absolutely love maths club. Thankyou to you...!"
Year 3 & Year 6 Explorers

What our Explorers say:

“I could do these challenges all day!” Year 4 Explorer

“I really look forward to Maths Club every week, I love seeing everyone, I find the maths creative”  Year 6 Explorer


“I just kept saying this is impossible, it’s impossible… 

…and then it wasn’t!   I did it!”  Year 6 Explorer

What to do next?

If you would like more information or to sign up for a paid trial, please click the button below and we’ll be in touch! 

Maths Explorers Clubs – how maths curious is your young person?

We have 2 main groups of young people whom our clubs can benefit, loosely based on their existing curiosity level around maths.  All clubs support young people to practise thinking like a real mathematician whilst being immersed in uplifting and joyful mathematical experiences along the way. Most clubs are mixed curiosity clubs, with some exceptionally maths curious young people (usually younger than the ‘age level’ suggested for the club) in the same club as those who are more gently maths curious. 
Exceptionally Maths Curious
These are young people who are already working ‘ahead’ of their traditional age suggested curriculum level and possess exceptionally high levels of mathematical curiosity with an almost insatiable hunger to want to know more and more about maths concepts. Please contact us so we can have a chat about which club might be best suited to your child. The most suitable club will depend on how much ahead of traditional curriculum your child is already working at and to what degree they are comfortable with independently directing their maths investigations.
Gently Maths Curious
Explorers in this group are those who are already reasonably confident with their age suggested level of curriculum maths but would like to know more outside and beyond their curriculum, or to practise their curriculum maths in new ways. The clubs offer content which will inspire and support young people who although may not be exceptionally curious about maths already, do value and enjoy a range of maths ideas and are curious to learn and practise more of it. Explorers are supported to maintain and deepen their mathematical confidence, knowledge & maths thinking skills. 

Age Groups

Children usually join clubs in roughly similar age bands, for example Ages 7yrs-9yrs or 10yrs-12yrs. However, the decision on which club is most suitable may be more to do with children’s prior interest and experience with maths, rather than strictly by age, year groups or ability.  If you would prefer your child to join a year group younger or older than their age, please just get in touch with us for a chat.


All new children are welcome to a paid trial (£12) of our club and can trial in any week of term depending on availability.  If it works out and they would like to sign on, the cost for our clubs is £12/child/week with discounts available for siblings.  Please see the timetable for full range of clubs & costs.

Payment is requested for the half or full term, with your fee adjusted for the week of term you start in.  If at any stage you need to withdraw from the clubs, you just need to let us know and we refund for any weeks left on your account.

Any questions?

Please get in touch with Rita at 
Thank you!

Summer Term 2024 Club Dates & Times, 10 week term

Home-ed & Afterschool Maths Explorers clubs begin week commencing 15th April and end week commencing 8th July, with a 2 week break for half-term during w/c 27/5 & 3/6).  All times given are UK local times.  If your preferred club is currently full, with a waiting list open, please still pop your details down in our form and we will be in touch as soon as a place opens up.  Thank you!

Exceptionally Maths Curious 

Ages 11yrs+ but with content usually suitable for ages 14yrs+, Tuesdays 4.15pm-5.15pm, £12/child/week

Gently Maths Curious 

Most of these clubs also have young people who are ‘younger’ than the suggested age range but who are exceptionally maths curious.  

Ages 5/6yrs-7/8yrs, Wednesdays 4.40pm-5.30pm, £12/child/week (to benefit from this club, Explorers will need to be quite comfortable at recognising numbers up to 100 written as numerals and will already be familiarising with the concept of ‘adding’, ‘subtracting’ & ‘place value’)

Ages 8-10/11yrs, Mondays 5.30pm-6.30pm, £12/child/week 

Ages 12yrs-14yrs, Mondays 6.45pm-7.45pm, £12/child/week

Science Explorers Clubs (online): Ages 10yrs to 12yrs, Mondays 10.15am & Ages 12yrs to 14yrs, Tuesdays 5.30pm, £12/child/week

In-person Maths Explorers clubs – West Norwood, London, please contact us directly for more details. 

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